Finland, Estonia, Latvia

Helsinki data centre to heat homes

A mini revolution in eco-friendly computing is taking place in the depths of the 19th-century Orthodox Uspenski Cathedral in downtown Helsinki.

The Guardian, July 20, 2010

Estonia: The Baltic Exception

It sometimes makes sense to lump together Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania into a grouping called the Baltic states – when talking about their common 20th century experience of foreign domination, for instance, or, more recently, entry into NATO and the EU. But in the most fundamental ways – histories, languages, and, now, economies – they are different. Nothing has shown that more clearly recently than Estonia’s outpacing its neighbors as it climbs out of the financial hole of the worldwide recession.

Bloomberg, June 4, 2010

Latvia: An Angry Whimpering Tiger

RIGA | Six tents are set up in the pedestrian walkway along Brivibas Street in downtown Riga. Large pieces of plastic and thick blankets are stuffed into the tent openings to keep out the cold. Behind the tents, wooden crosses are stuck into coffins sculpted from the snow, symbolizing the death of business and government in Latvia.